InRaSS Mission Statement

Radio science is a wide field of research that encompasses the study of all aspects of electromagnetic fields and waves. The Indian Radio Science Society (InRaSS), a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, whose mission is to disseminate radio science in India and neighbouring countries and foster excellence in radio science among young scientists/engineers who choose any aspect of radio science in their career.

Included within the objectives of InRaSS are the following:

  • To hold scientific meetings for presentation of original papers, review talks, etc.
  • To popularize Radio Science among the educational institutions and in the general public of India by
  • Arranging lectures on all aspects of Radio Science
  • Striving to include Radio Science courses in the School, College and University curricula.
  • Cooperating in conducting symposia, schools, etc.
  • Encouraging amateur radio scientists, hams &
  • Taking up any other suitable activity.

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