1. 2019 URSI Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference (AP-RASC 2019), March 9-15, 2019

This was the highly successful URSI Flagship Conference, being held in New Delhi, INDIA after a gap of 14 years. This conference was the first major venture undertaken by InRaSS as the Local Organiser.

Please visit the archived website for this conference by clicking this link AP-RASC 2019

Please also see the Final Report for this conference by clicking this link AP-RASC 2019 Final Report

2. 2020 URSI Regional Conference on Radio Science (URSI-RCRS 2020) 12-14 Feb, 2020

Regional Conference on Radio Science (RCRS) is a biannual flagship conference of the Indian Radio Science Society (InRaSS) and it attracts a large number of researchers across India in the area of radio science. The 2020 version was co-sponsored by URSI. It was hosted by the IIT-BHU, Varanasi, India under the auspices of InRaSS during 12-14 February, 2020.

The main objective of the Conference was to review current trends in research, present new discoveries and make plans for future research work or for specific projects. An equally important objective was also to encourage scientific exchange and fellowship amongst industry colleagues and academicians or professionals in India.

The URSI-RCRS 2020 scientific program dealt with research areas that broadly covered the Ten Scientific Commissions of URSI – namely, Electromagnetic Metrology; Fields and Waves; Radio-communication Systems and Signal Processing; Electronics and Photonics; Electromagnetic Environment and Interference; Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing; Ionospheric Radio and Propagation; Waves in Plasmas; Radio Astronomy; and Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine.

Please visit the website for this conference by clicking this link URSI-RCRS 2020

3. XXXIVth URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, 28 Aug – 4 Sept 2021

This latest 34th URSI General Assembly was held at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. It was attended by about 1500 delegates from across the world and was held in a hybrid mode, both onsite and online.

Please visit the website for this conference by clicking this link ursi2021.org

4. Seventh A P Mitra Memorial Lecture, 16 September, 2021

This webinar was the 7th in the series of Annual Lectures being organised by the NPL Former Scientists forum (NPL-FSF), Indian Radio Science Society (InRaSS) and the CSIR National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL). The Lecture series is organised in the memory of late Dr A P Mitra, FRS, the former DG-CSIR, Director, NPL and former President, URSI

This year the lecture was delivered as a webinar by an internationally renowned space scientist Dr Patricia Doherty, Director & Principal Scientist, Institute for Scientific Research Boston College, USA. The Title of the talk is “Storms from the Sun: The Science of Space Weather” and it was delivered on 16th September, 2021 at 6:30 pm IST

Please see a poster of this event here

Please listen to a recorded video of the Lecture by clicking the link Seventh APM Lecture 2021

5. 3rd URSI Atlantic / Asia-Pacific Radio Science Meeting – 2022, 29 May – 3 June 2022

The triennial URSI Atlantic Radio Science Conference (URSI AT-RASC) is one of the URSI flagship conferences besides the URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium and the APRASC conference (Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this 3 rd URSI AT-RASC was moved from 2021 to 2022 and URSI AP-RASC (the Asia Pacific Radio Science Conference) could not be held in Australia as planned due to current travel restrictions. The combined 2022 AT-AP-RASC event, hosted in Gran Canaria, offered a hybrid format, offering on-site as well as online participation and aims to receive submissions from worldwide within the domains covered by all ten Commissions of URSI.

Please visit the website for this conference by clicking this link AT-AP-RASC 2022