Announcing our InRaSS Biennial Flagship Conference, Organised jointly by ARIES & GEHU in Bhimtal during 22-25 October, 2024. Please visit the website URSI-RCRS 2024

InRaSS Mission Statement

Radio science is a wide field of research that encompasses the study of all aspects of electromagnetic fields and waves. The Indian Radio Science Society (InRaSS), a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, whose mission is to disseminate radio science in India and neighbouring countries and foster excellence in radio science among young scientists/engineers who choose any aspect of radio science in their career.

Included within the objectives of InRaSS are the following:

  • To hold scientific meetings for presentation of original papers, review talks, etc.
  • To popularize Radio Science among the educational institutions and in the general public of India by
  • Arranging lectures on all aspects of Radio Science
  • Striving to include Radio Science courses in the School, College and University curricula.
  • Cooperating in conducting symposia, schools, etc.
  • Encouraging amateur radio scientists, hams &
  • Taking up any other suitable activity.

President’s Message

Dear Radio Scientist,

Greetings!  We are in a new year which is exciting but yet is full of anxieties. We have all been locked down now for almost a year due to the unexpected Covid19 pandemic, but vaccines are likely to contain it. Many of us have lost near and dear ones and have much to grieve for. Nevertheless, we always live in hopes and aspirations.

You are aware of the hard work that the Indian Radio Science Society (InRaSS) has put in over the past 6 years, starting from 2014, to spread the message of URSI (International Radio Science Union) through the URSI – RCRS (Regional Conference in Radio Science) conferences taking place roughly once in 18 months… Read more