Call for Papers for “ Microwave and Millimeter Wave Propagation: Modeling and Applications ”

Submission Open: 15 November 2021
Submission Deadline: 15 April 2022

Special Section Organizers:
Animesh Maitra, University of Calcutta
Franz Teschl, Graz University of Technology
Carlo Capsoni, Politecnico di Milano

The electromagnetic wave propagation at microwave and millimeter (mm) wavebands in both natural and artificial media is a topic of key interest in wireless communications, planetary science, weather and climate observation, remote sensing and environmental metrology. The nonlinear propagation of mm and sub-mm wavelength radiation presents new remote sensing opportunities. Increasing demands for higher data rates to support satellite and terrestrial services and greater system capacities have led to a migration of wireless systems to higher frequencies in millimeter wave bands. A major drawback of using very short wavelengths is the serious propagation impairments caused by gases, clouds, rain, and tropospheric turbulence that need to be mitigated by sophisticated fade mitigation techniques.

The contributions to this special section will cover a range of topics related to microwave, millimeter and THz propagation models, instruments, and experiments. Submissions are welcome on the following and related topics: (i) Propagation measurements along earth-space and terrestrial links for fixed and mobile networks, (ii) Predicting propagation and emission behavior for randomly fluctuating media, (iii) Interactions of the atmosphere and earth’s surface with electromagnetic waves, (iv) Fade mitigation techniques, (v) Remote sensing applications.

To submit your manuscript, use the submission site for Radio Science and select the collection’s title from the drop down menu in the Special Section field of the submission form.